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In the game Good Girl,... 0145051 won 72,61 EUR

Card games at Casino Frank

Casino Frank is one of the most secure online casinos and offers its users the best quality of gambling games. Take card games. Our clients can play card arcades that are not offered by the majority of online casinos.

There are more than 20 card games available at Frank Casino. How do you start playing? By reading the description of a game first. We took care of it at Frank Casino and every game here has a short preview. Also, our clients can play any card game free of charge to try it out. This way you can also apply the knowledge gained from reading descrioptions and practice before you start betting real money.

There are different themes for our card arcades. In one game users can explore the depths of sea, in another uncover mysteries of ancient Egypt. On our list of card arcades there's also a world famous Bingo game. Playing bingo, a user can win as much as 20.000 times of original bet momentarily, and that can not be offered by any one of modern slots.

Don't forget about jackpots that can be won by playing card arcades. The sizes of jackpots can vary. It can be as much as 200.000 US Dollars, and it can be way bigger. We encourage our clients to try out our card arcades for a fun new gmabling experience! Have a good game and win big!